About Us

As the owner of Adventurous Wino’s I'd like you to experience an adventure of a lifetime, while having a sip on the wild side. One of my inspirations is the memory of a trip to Africa. After climbing with chimpanzees and observing the beautiful landscapes, we finished our days of adventure with new friends and a glass of wine. My passion is sharing all the beauty, wonders, and adventures that exploring Alaska has to offer, then relaxing afterwards with a glass of wine or a beer!


About the owner, Angela Thompson

As a young girl I moved to Alaska with my family 1962 and lived through the devastating 1964 earthquake. Being the only daughter among my brothers, I  was raised a true outdoor adventurer. As a young adult seeking new adventures I left for Seattle after a cross country bike tour. Then later landed in California where I worked as bodyguard/driver protecting many well known musicians and celebrities. Being a lifelong lover of animals, I raised and cared for a bobcat for 19 years, and after  the 9-11 attacks I became a K-9 bomb dog handler. 

Today with my family and the younger generations I live true to my Alaskan roots, spending time trekking the wilderness and guiding visitors to once-in-a-lifetime adventures in this amazing frontier. So join me on your next vacation, share a glass of wine or beer and make some unforgettable memories.